New Zealand Army

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Army Officer Officer
Armoured Combat Specialist Soldier
Commando Soldier
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator Soldier
Gunner Soldier
Infantry (Rifleman) Soldier
NZSAS Soldier



Army Officer Officer
Field Psychologist Officer
Learning Development Officer Officer
Legal Advisor Officer
Fire Fighter Soldier
Military Police Soldier


Medical & Health

Army Officer Officer
Chaplain Officer
Dental Officer Officer
Environmental Health Officer Officer
Medical Officer Officer
Nursing Officer Officer
Pharmacist Officer
Radiographer Officer
Dental Assistant Soldier
Dental Hygienist Soldier
Medic Soldier
Physical Training Instructor Soldier


Apprenticeship Trades

Carpenter Soldier
Electrician Soldier
Plumber Soldier
Vehicle Mechanic Soldier


Engineering & Technical Trades

Army Officer Officer
Ammunition Technician Soldier
Armourer Soldier
Electrical Fitter Soldier
Electronics Technician Soldier
Field Engineer Soldier
Maintenance Fitter Soldier
Plant Operator (heavy machinery operator) Soldier
Vehicle Mechanic Soldier


Intelligence, IT & Communications

Army Officer Officer
Communication Systems Operator Soldier
Electronic Warfare Operator Soldier
Information Systems Operator Soldier
Intelligence Operator Soldier
Operational Support & Information Specialist Soldier
Systems Engineer Soldier



Army Officer Officer
Chef Soldier
Musician Soldier
Steward Soldier


Logistics & Administration

Army Officer Officer
Driver Soldier
Movement Operator Soldier
Supply Technician Soldier


Visit the Defence Careers site for more information on how to join the NZ Army as either an Officer or a Soldier, and learn more about the trades our personnel work in.

This page was last reviewed on 04 October 2016 and is current.