Network Enabled Army (NEA)

A Network Enabled Army

The NEA Programme is a long term (up to 12 year) transformational programme that will introduce into service a deployable, networked Command, Control, Communications, Computers (C4), Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capability for the NZ Army’s Land Forces and Special Operations Forces.

A network enabled force uses modern communications systems and computer technology to produce an integrated network of command posts, platforms, soldiers and sensors that enhance shared situational awareness, supports tactical decision making, enables information collection and improves joint interagency and multinational interoperability in order to increase the likelihood of mission success and reduce operational risk.

The capabilities delivered through the NEA Programme will close many of the current command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare gaps within the Land tactical and operating arenas. This is essential to meet the demands of operating in the modern environment as defined in the Defence White Paper.

The Programme has been informed by lessons learned from similar projects being undertaken by our close Defence partners, by insights from Information and Computer Technology projects in the New Zealand Public Sector and from recent NZDF operational experiences.

NEAA key investment objective for the NEA Programme is to enable land forces and special operations forces to participate fully in Joint, Interagency and Multinational operations.

This will ensure the NZDF’s land forces and special operations forces can continue to support future deployments in the South Pacific and in higher-intensity environments. Increased interoperability with our coalition partners ensures the NZDF is an asset in coalition operations

Key capabilities being delivered under the Network Enabled Army Programme include:

  • The tactical level communications bearer network incorporating satellite communications and a high capacity data radio network.
  • A digital battle management system based on the software product SitaWare.
  • A Mobile Tactical Command System incorporating digital software defined radios, viewing devices and software applications for the battle management system.
  • Communications access nodes incorporating ruggedized, lightweight computer systems.
  • Tactical level surveillance and reconnaissance sensors.
  • Command Post infrastructure.

The programme is in the delivery phase of Tranche One. Systems that are now being introduced into service in Tranche One include:

  1. The SitaWare battle management system.
  2. Command post infrastructure for a Task Group headquarters and the High Preparedness Company.
  3. 2.4m GATR Satellite communications terminals.
  4. The acquisition process for the core radio fleet is now underway.

Download a PDF of our Network Enabled Army (NEA) [140 KB]

This page was last amended on 13 May 2020