Soldier Protected Systems

Our uniform currently in service, known as Multi Camouflage Uniform (MCU) is currently worn by all Ranks of the New Zealand Army and by NZDF personnel as a day to day uniform as well on operational deployment.

The MCU has replaced the Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) and Desert Disruptive Pattern Material (DDPM) uniforms that were previously worn by the Army.

Future replacement uniform for New Zealand Army

The Multi Camouflage Uniform (MCU) will be replaced by the New Zealand Multi-Terrain Pattern (NZMTP) uniform. Initial production of the new uniform is planned for late 2019 with distribution early 2020.

The new NZMTP camouflage pattern is similar to that worn by the British Armed Forces (Her Majesty’s Armed Forces) but with a New Zealand Colour Scheme.

The new NZMTP uniform and associated modern protected systems will include:

  • Survivability
    • NZMTP
    • Epic Body Armour manufactured by TYR
    • The new P4 Viper combat helmet
    • Combat Gloves

  • Sustainability
    • Immediate Sustainment Pack/TYR Direct Action Assault pack
    • Interim Light Infantry Pack. Currently being issued to select combat units

  • Lethality
    • MARS-L individual assault rifle fitted with Infrared Aiming Device (IRAD)

  • C4I
    • Mini N-Seas (Dual mount) Night-vision Goggles
    • Individual Radio communications – Harris radio with Integrated communications headset

Other clothing and systems still to be finalised:

  • Survivability
    • NZMTP under body armour combat shirt
    • Combat Visor and Mandible heavy Ballistic eyewear option
    • Protective Eyewear

  • C4I
    • Commanders Combat information display (tablet).


New Zealand Military-Terrain Pattern and Modern Protected Systems

New Zealand Military-Terrain Pattern and Modern Protected Systems

This page was last amended on 19 July 2019