Our Ranks, Corps and Trades

Our Ranks

The New Zealand Army Ranks are based on the military hierarchy, which originated from the British. The New Zealand Army is a combination of Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers.

Commissioned Officers are appointed by or on behalf of the Sovereign. Officer ranks range from Second Lieutenant up to Lieutenant General.

Non-Commissioned Officer ranks range from Lance Corporal / Bombardier up to Warrant Officer Class One.

Soldier ranks include titles of Gunner, Trooper, Sapper, Signaller and Private.


NZ Army Corps Belts

The New Zealand Army wears wide webbing stable, corps, and regimental belts that, usually, are horizontally striped in two or more colours.

Stable, corps, and regimental belts are widely used in the armies of the Commonwealth of Nations and many of the New Zealand ones are derived from those of the British Army.


Our Corps

New Zealand Corps of Officer Cadets (NZCOC)

The New Zealand Corps of Officer Cadets trains members of the New Zealand Army in a foundation of military skills, junior leadership and core qualities.


Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery (RNZA)

The Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery provides a Joint Fires capability of lethal and non-lethal effects including Surveillance and Target Acquisition. Weapons Systems include the Light Howitzers and Mortars, which demands skills in ballistics, meteorology, aerodynamics and surveying.

Regiment: 16th Field Regiment
Sub units: 11/4 Battery
161 Battery
163 Battery
School of Artillery
Trades: Artillery Officer
Gunner Specialist


Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps (RNZAC)

The Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps operates the Army's armoured vehicles. Its reconnaissance unit gains combat intelligence, while its Light Armoured Vehicle (NZLAV) units provides secure and rapid movement of the infantry.

Regiment: Queen Alexandra’s Mounted Rifles
Sub units: Wellington East Coast Squadron
Scots Squadron
Waikato Mounted Rifles Squadron
Support Squadron
Delta Squadron
Trades: Armoured
Armoured Officer


The Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers (RNZE)

The Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers provides obstacles to hinder enemy movement and assists with the movement of our own troops. The Engineers are also the Army's builders and can construct roads, airfields, buildings, wharves and water wells with the help of their High Mobility Engineer Excavators (or Engineer Combat Tractors).

Regiment: 2nd Engineer Regiment
Sub units: 1st Field Squadron
2nd Field Squadron
3rd Field Squadron
25 Engineer Support Squadron
Emergency Response Squadron
School of Military Engineering (NZ)
Trades: Carpenter
Combat Engineer
Emergency Responder
Engineer Officer
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator
Plant Operator


Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals (RNZ Sigs)

The Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals provides, co-ordinates and operates the Army's communication network, nationally and internationally. Army signallers operate high-powered multi-channel radio and automatic telephone equipment and IT systems, in addition to radios used by the rest of the Army.

Royal New Zealand Sigs operates under 1st Command Support Regiment.

Regiment: 1st Command Support Regiment
Sub units:

1st Signal Squadron
2nd Signal Squadron
3rd Signal Squadron (Electronic Warfare)
4th Signal Squadron
25 Cypher Section

Trades: Communications Centre Operator
Electronic Warfare Operator
Information Systems Operator
Operational Support and Information Specialist
Signals Officer
Systems Engineer


Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (RNZIR)

The Royal New Zealand Infantry is comprised of highly trained soldiers ready to fight in any type of country under any conditions. They can move on foot, by vehicle, NZLAV or helicopter.

Regiment: Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment
Units: 1st Battalion
2nd/1st Battalion
2/4 Battalion
3/6 Battalion
5/7 Battalion
Trades: Infantry
Infantry Officer



The New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSAS)

The New Zealand Special Operations Forces is the premier combat unit of the New Zealand Defence Force, working within New Zealand and around the world.

Regiment: 1st NZ Special Air Service Regiment
Trades: Commando


New Zealand Intelligence Corps (NZIC)

The New Zealand Intelligence Corps analyses information from a variety of sources and provides commanders with intelligence on such things as enemy locations, capabilities and intentions.

1st NZ Military Intelligence Company operates under 1st Command Support Regiment New Zealand

Unit: 1st New Zealand Military Intelligence Company
Trades: Intelligence Operator
Intelligence Officer


Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment (The Duke of York's Own) (RNZALR)

The Logistics Regiment has three roles; first, it supplies everything the Army needs to do its job including food, ammunition, fuel, tents and all stores; secondly, it transports those stores and any necessary people to where they are required; and thirdly, should any equipment get damaged, it recovers and repairs it.

Units: 2nd Combat Service Support Battalion

3rd Combat Service Support Battalion
Sub units: 2nd Workshop Company
5th Movements Company
10th Transport Company
21st Supply Company
38th Combat Service Support Company
Combat Service Support Company (North)

3rd Workshop Company
3rd Transport Company
3rd Catering and Supply Company
3 Reserve Company
Trades: Ammunition Technician
Automotive Technician
Combat Driver
Electrical Fitter
Electronics Technician
Logistics Officer
Maintenance Fitter
Movement Operator
Supply Technician


Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps (RNZAMC)

The Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps promotes health and disease prevention, and provides care for the wounded and sick. This corps works with members of the Royal NZ Army Nursing Corps and the Royal NZ Army Dental Corps.

Sub units: Force Health Organisation
Deployable Health Organisation
Trades: Army Health Assistant
Environment Health Officer
Medical Officer


Royal New Zealand Dental Corps (RNZDC)

The Dental Corps promotes Oral Health and disease prevention as well as providing oral health care (in a range of settings) for service personnel from all three services. The Corps works closely with other health related disciplines to improve the health of our people.

Sub units: Force Health Organisation
Deployable Health Organisation
Trades: Dental Assistant
Dental Hygenist
Dental Officer


Royal New Zealand Chaplains Department (RNZChD)

Chaplains exist to meet the spiritual and pastoral requirements of all NZDF personnel and their families by attending to their spiritual, moral, social and community needs; to advise commanders at all levels on pastoral, cultural and religious issues, in so far as they affect morale and the pastoral well-being of NZDF personnel and their families; and to support through Chaplaincy service programmes the operational and training goals of the NZDF.

Trades: Chaplain


New Zealand Army Legal Service (NZALS)

Defence Legal Services is responsible for the provision of all legal advice to the NZDF, including the Chief of the Defence Force as well as the Chiefs of Navy, Army and Air Force.

Trades: Legal Advisor


The Corps of Royal New Zealand Military Police (RNZMP)

The Royal New Zealand Military Police are responsible for policing the Army at home and overseas. Military Police also provide VIP protection, convoy escorts, and traffic control.

Trades: Military Police


Royal New Zealand Army Education Corps (RNZAEC)

The Royal New Zealand Army Education Corps provides learning opportunities to prepare personnel for their service responsibilities.

Trades: Learning Development Officer
Field Psychologist


New Zealand Army Physical Training Corps (NZAPTC)

The New Zealand Army Physical Training Corps provides programmes and activities to maintain fitness levels and build confidence among Army personnel.

Trades: Physical Training Instructor


Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps (RNZNC)

The Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps is responsible for delivering nursing interventions in a range of settings and clinical contexts, independently or as part of a multi disciplinary team, working towards a better, stronger, healthier New Zealand Defence Force.

Trades: Nursing Officer


Our Trades

The New Zealand Army has two equally rewarding career streams; Officers and Soldiers. Both are available within the main job categories: Combat and Security, Specialist, Medical and Health, Apprenticeship, Engineering and Technical, Intelligence, IT and Communications, Hospitality, Logistics and Administration and the Army Reserve.

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