Army Reserve

Reservists are part time members of the military who, in addition to their civilian employment, have a parallel career in the New Zealand Defence Force. Reserves supplement the Regular Force and often bring specialist skills, such as surgical or engineering skills.

Reservists undergo core military training when they enlist, then complete military courses and training to advance their skills. Reserves frequently supplement Regular Force units in New Zealand and overseas.

In recent years, Reservists have provided support to international and domestic disaster relief, domestic civil service, support to Scott Base Antarctica, international peacekeeping and training, combat operations, and many more.

Personnel within the Army Reserve hold normal jobs in their everyday lives, but choose to spend approximately 20 days every year conducting military training.

The extraordinary experiences available in the Army Reserve simply cannot be found anywhere else. Personnel get paid to face new challenges, learn new skills, and meet new people. The existing skills and experiences held by Reserve personnel are also put to great use in the Army environment, both at home and overseas.

In the Army Reserve, you are able to balance everyday professional life, with the excitement and adventure of life within the Army, giving you the best of both worlds.

To find out more about the Army Reservist role and what our Army Reserve Soldier's get out of this part-time, paid job with rewarding new skills and opportunities.

This page was last amended on 18 November 2019