Our Training

Training is a key ingredient of operational preparedness.

To enable us to take part in so many varied operations around the world and within New Zealand we must train extensively.

Individual Training

A soldier rehearses patrolling techniques.

Individual training is the first building block of the Army training process. Personnel attend individual training courses as soon as they enlist. This gives them the basic military skills they need to take their place in an Army unit.

The next stage of individual training is oriented towards trade and professional skills within a particular corps.

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Collective Training

Combat Shooting Team. LCPL Mangels and CPL Horrell fire the Pistol Match while PTE Gillgren and PTE Edwards look on.

Collective Training is training in the use of skills in a group situation. The aim of collective training is the achievement of operational objectives.

Collective training is designed and conducted to ensure required tasks can be performed at each level within the Army.

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The Mutual Assistance Programme (MAP)

The Mutual Assistance Programme (MAP) is an integral part of the basics for our contribution to regional security (in which NZ promotes a peaceful and stable neighbourhood).

MAP activities encourage friendly and cooperative bilateral relationships with our neighbours (and complement efforts in the political, economic and development fields).

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This page was last amended on 18 March 2015