Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1992 - 2007

Captain Julia Leckey in Banja Luka, Bosnia.
Captain Julia Leckey in Banja Luka, Bosnia

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Support to the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR), Stabilisation Force (SFOR) and the European Union Force (EUFOR)

New Zealand's 15-year long commitment to Bosnia-Herzegovina began in 1992, with the first deployment of Kiwi combat troops since the Vietnam War.

A 250-strong rifle company was dispatched to the war zones of Bosnia, and although it was attached to a British Regiment it took with it an impressive (at the time), assortment of kit – 25 armoured personnel carriers, Unimog trucks, land rovers, field kitchens, and containers of equipment.

A total of three reinforced rifle companies deployed, and after the last of these returned home the NZDF continued to maintain a presence in SFOR and EUFOR to encourage stability, the rule of law and good governance, and growth.

In 2007, New Zealand’s 15-year long commitment to the troubled Balkan state ended. The New Zealand flag was lowered on June 29 at a ceremony in Sarajevo, officially ending the Kiwi involvement in the international peace-keeping effort in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

For more information: A History of NZDF involvement in Bosnia.

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