What We Do

In these pages you’ll find a range of information about what New Zealand Army does – from our Sports, Our Training, Assistance to the Community, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) and our Current Deployments and Exercises.


The NZ Army deploys several hundred personnel overseas each year. Check out where we are and what we’re doing there on our Deployments page.


We conduct exercises with personnel from across the NZDF or with our defence partners so that when the real thing happens, we are prepared to take action. Exercises are necessary for us to maintain our combat-readiness and build stronger alliances.

International Engagements

The NZ Army has a number of key relationships with foreign military forces in both operational and non-operational environments. Read more information in our International Engagements page.

Community Support

As well as operational support deployments overseas, the Army has many functions within our own country. Find out some more information about this on our Community Support page.

Army Sports

The importance of Sport to our Army cannot be overstated. Read about why we love it, and what we play on the Army Sports page and the mental challenges of other adaptive Sports such as the Invictus Games.

Our Training

Training is a key ingredient of operational preparedness. Find out more about the types of training we offer on the Our Training page.

This page was last amended on 09 October 2018