Community Support

As well as operational support deployments overseas, the Army has many functions within our own country. A few are described in this section.

Bomb Disposal

We have teams throughout the country who provide Bomb Disposal expertise. Technology means robotic equipment can be used to carry out disposals and even remove people from a potentially dangerous area. New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) bomb disposal specialists come from all three services (Army, Air Force and Navy). The teams are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and operate with very fast response times.

Civil Defence

The New Zealand Army is well known for its assistance in civil emergencies. Transport, security, search and rescue and providing shelter and basic supplies are just some of the aspects where the Army is able to assist Civil authorities.

Community Assistance

Community assistance is any sort of support the New Zealand Army provides to Local communities or local events such as building bush tracks or providing cooks at major hui. Such assistance is usually provided on a labour-only basis (all material costs are met by the group requesting the assistance).


Much inter-Governmental assistance provided by the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) is of a technical or support nature. For example NZDF assistance with Civil Defence following the Canterbury earthquake in February 2011.

Police Assistance

The type of Assistance the police may request could be expected to cover the whole range of police operations, from search and rescue (SAR) to crime scene investigations. From time to time assistance flows in the other direction when police have supported Army vehicle checkpoint training, providing added realism and advice.

Youth Programmes

Assisting youth in our community through Youth programmes with life skills and various training schemes.

This page was last amended on 06 July 2018