Army Sports

The importance of Sport to our Army cannot be overstated.

Sport develops the desire to win, a competitive edge, instils mental and physical will and the confidence to go out and play-hard.

The aspect of teamwork essential in sports, equates to military teamwork on operations. Both require good leaders, specialists in certain roles with the rest of the team all working to achieve the same aim.

For both sports and operations we need to be good winners and if we come second we must be gracious in defeat and use the experience to win the next encounter. 'Being the best' and reaching your potential is healthy in terms of mindset and motivation.

Sport also contributes to physical and mental recovery following injury or illness. The Invictus Games foundation has played a pivotal role in recognising our wounded men and women as the adaptive sport can help them overcome adversity.

To push oneself through training, diet and skills regimes in order to achieve peak performance amongst the demands of the soldiering profession is not easy. In addition you must actually compete, for that is where you learn to make decisions under pressure and adapt when the plan isn't working or unforeseen events occur.


The primary aim of sport in the New Zealand Army is, through encouraging maximum participation to assist Army personnel to achieve and to maintain the highest possible standard of physical fitness, and to promote:

  • The development of unit morale and esprit de corps in the Army
  • The development of teamwork, skills and dexterity relating directly or indirectly to Army tasks.

    Champions in sport help to motivate others through examples of grit, teamwork and discipline.

  • Camaraderie and understanding amongst Army personnel.
  • Development of Leadership qualities
  • The enhancement of the image of the NZ Army within the local and wider communities.

Official Army Sports

The Chief of Army has designated 12 approved sports for participation and competition at unit and NZ Army representative level. The 12 approved Army sports are:








Rugby / Rugby League




This page was last amended on 21 August 2018