Future Land Operating Concept 2035

The NZ Army’s Future Land Operating Concept 2035: Integrated Land Missions (FLOC 35) has been released. FLOC 35 is the NZ Army’s capstone operating concept into the near future.

FLOC 35 is an aspirational document, aiming to provide an overarching direction for the development of future
capability and strategy, including:

  • Providing the conceptual basis to generate, sustain and employ land and special operations forces
  • Informing and influencing the land force requirements of the Capability Management Plan
  • Guiding how the NZ Army achieves the Defence White Paper 2016 and NZDF Future Joint Operating Concept
    (FJOC) 35 objectives.

All personnel are encouraged to discuss and debate the concepts and content of FLOC 35 and see how our Future Land Operating Concept – and by extension our future land force – can be enhanced and improved upon to meet the challenges of the future operating environment.

This page was last amended on 16 October 2018