Army 2020 Strategy - Enhanced Combat Capability

The Army’s medium term strategy Army 2020 aligns with the NZDF Future 35 strategic plan.

Army 2020 will position our Army to meet future challenges, exploit future opportunities and leverage existing strengths into the next decade. Army 2020 is a continuum from Army 2015 and builds on the foundations already set – positioning the NZ Army as an effective land force, optimised for operations in a Joint, Interagency and Multinational (JIM) environment.

Our Strategy has four themes:

  1. Force Generated
  2. Force Resourced  
  3. Trusted Partner
  4. Trusted Professional


Army 2020 Vision

Government, New Zealanders and our international partners trust and respect us because we:

  • Can provide ready and relevant military response options that can lead and operate effectively across the globe.
  • Are proficient in a joint environment and can seamlessly integrate with the wider NZDF, multinational forces and other agencies.
  • Positively contribute to the wider NZ community and are a proactive partner in the South Pacific region

This page was last amended on 09 December 2019