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The Army News is published for the Regular and Territorial Force and civilian staff of the New Zealand Army.

Editorial contributions and letters are welcomed. They may be sent direct to the Army News and do not need to be forwarded through normal command channels.

Nothing in the Army News should be taken as overriding any NZDF regulation. Readers should refer to the relevant service publication before acting on any information given in this newspaper.

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Army News 467  October 2015

News: Ex Southern Katipo, New NZDF saving scheme People: Our trainers in Taji, Helping PNG mountain communities, Personal Profile: Jo Barrett, Rimutaka Hill crossing re-enactment Exercises: Pacific Angel, Vulcan Shield, Kotimana Warrior Sport: Triathlon, Ironman, Defence Blacks (28 pages) Army News - Issue 467
PDF, 5.02MB

Army News 466  September 2015

News: Soldier wins Reservist of the Year, Our new Chief, Defence Force chaplains remembered People: The Personal Profile: Tainui Woodmass, Ettie Rout: NZ's safe sex pioneer, Remembering Timor-Leste, QAMR changes command Training: Tropic Twilight, Sari Bair, NZDF works with police, Move Ops, Train safe Sport: Inter corps rugby (28 pages) Army News - Issue 466
PDF, 4.91MB

Army News 465  August 2015

News: Farewell MAJGEN Gardiner, Chunuk Bair commemorated, A letter from Iraq, MCU changes People: Honour for Burnham SSGT, The Personal Profile, Award winning chefs Capability: The latest battlelabs Exercises: Active Edge Sport: Twin Peaks Battle tab (28 pages) Army News - Issue 465
PDF, 7.34MB

Army News 464  July 2015

News: MAJ GEN Lou Gardiner dies, AFCC changes, 161 Battery reunion People: PTE Ross headstone unveiling, NZDF Women's Development Forum, New talent management system, Aumangea - give it a try, NZSAS Originals celebrate Operations: Training in Taji Exercises: Talisman Sabre, Rorke's DRIFT Sport: ANZAC race, Touch World Cup (28 pages) Army News - Issue 464
PDF, 4.65MB

Army News 463  June 2015

News: Cambodia service recognised by Australia, Our Taji task People: Farewell Hueys, 100 years of nursing service, New recruits march out, The new approach to talent management Training: ANZAC shooting, Exercise Highlander South, Exercise Phoenix Blast, Exercise Cassino, Exercise Whakatipu, Safety Sport: Fight Night, Cycling (28 pages) Army News - Issue 463
PDF, 5.01MB

Army News 462  May 2015

News: 1 Brigade Change of Command, Prince Harry visits People: Anzac Day, Security Matters, Trusted regional partnerships Training: Aumangea, Southern Soldier, Train safe Sport: Army sports awards winners, Army Anzac day rugby (28 pages) Army News - Issue 462
PDF, 5.00MB

Army News 461  April 2015

News: Vanuatu relief effort People: Women in conflict, WW100 – Fighting a war a world away 12, New CO for 2/1 14, Fine Kiwi effort at Paralympic trials Training: MHOV loading trials, CANTERBURY medical facility trials Sport: Golf, Tussock Buster, Rugby (28 pages) Army News - Issue 461
PDF, 5.56MB

Army News 460  March 2015

News: Army rugby champions, Iraq Mission People: Farewell Dan Thompson, Looking back: WW100, Lessons Learned, NZDF's DRO director, HRMIS Capability: MHOV Update Training: Shooting winners Sport: Cricket, Touch (28 pages) Army News - Issue 460
PDF, 4.67MB

Army News 459  February 2015

News: Shooting competition about to start, Eru Grant celebrates 60 years with Army People: New officers graduate, WW1 centenary commemorations, Command changes Exercises: LAV tactical drivers’ course, Thunder Warrior Capability: Military working dogs, New EOD operator trade Sport: Volleyball, Body building, Linton triathlon, Cricket, Burnham triathlon (28 pages) Army News - Issue 459
PDF, 4.68MB


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