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The Army News is published for the Regular and Territorial Force and civilian staff of the New Zealand Army.

Editorial contributions and letters are welcomed. They may be sent direct to the Army News and do not need to be forwarded through normal command channels.

Nothing in the Army News should be taken as overriding any NZDF regulation. Readers should refer to the relevant service publication before acting on any information given in this newspaper.

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Army News 472  May 2016

News: Third Iraq contingent departs, Invictus gold People: Anzac Day commemorations, Scottish Colours laid up in Otago, Meet your recruiting ambassadors, Helping the Christchurch community Training: Delta Company takes, honours in 2/1 SAA, Training to command, Land equipment safety Sport: Cycling, Training for an Ultra Triathlon, Relay for Life at Linton (28 pages) Army News - Issue 472
PDF, 3.91MB

Army News 471  April 2016

News: Anzac Day, Battle Training Facility opens People: Civilian farewelled, Welcome in Tonga, Financial advice, Working part-time Training: New training aids, Ex Moss Ridge Sport: Cricket, Sports Awards (28 pages) Army News - Issue 471
PDF, 3.41MB

Army News 470  March 2016

News: Zero tolerance for bad behaviour, Top Shots Operation: Our response to the Fiji disaster People: Letters from Home, Working part-time, Changing trades Training: JOIC, Exercise Ssang Yong, Army workshops Sport: Touch (28 pages) Army News - Issue 470
PDF, 4.68MB

Army News 469  February 2016

News: Fitness app (Force Fit) wins award, New weapons People: Training dedicated rewarded, Train Safe, TRADOC excellence, Officer cadets graduate Missions: Antartica, UNTSO, Op Troy  Sport: Touch, Cricket (28 pages) Army News - Issue 469
PDF, 3.86MB

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