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Editor: Judith Martin
Phone: (04) 496 0227
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The Army News is published for the Regular and Territorial Force and civilian staff of the New Zealand Army.

Editorial contributions and letters are welcomed. They may be sent direct to the Army News and do not need to be forwarded through normal command channels.

Nothing in the Army News should be taken as overriding any NZDF regulation. Readers should refer to the relevant service publication before acting on any information given in this newspaper.

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Army News 450 March 2014

News: LOV Drop, Train Safe People: Why a Lemon Squeezer? Nana and Grandad's medals, Army 2020, Celebrating military women Training: Officer Cadets, Medics test their skills Sport: Cricket, Burnham triathlon. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 450
PDF, 3.70MB


Army News 449 February 2014

News: Our new SMA, A new face at the top People: YDU in the Pacific, Officer Cadets graduate, Cadet Forces mark 150 years, QAMR new leaders, Gunners and the year ahead, JOIC Capability: Light Gun project Sport: Over 35s football, Hurricanes train at Trentham, Linton Command Week Rugby. (28 pages) Army News - Issue 449
PDF, 4.31MB


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