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Editor: Judith Martin
Phone: (021) 240 8578

Army News is a publication for the Regular Force, Reservists and Civilian staff of the New Zealand Army.

Editorial contributions and letters are welcome. They may be sent directly to the Army News Editor and do not need to be forwarded through normal Command channels.

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Army News 502  May 2019

News: SAS soldier killed in training accident, Ninth rotation leaves for Iraq, Q&A – The Army Depot (TAD) instructor Corporal Renee Conlon-Rewiti  People: Anzac Day 2019 coverage, Australian Army Skills at Arms (AASAM) – outstanding results for Kiwis, 2LT Laura Bayfield builds a bridge, 2CSSB win Roy Smith Trophy, Young women inspired through Army recruit training programme  Capability: Working dogs’ new home opened  Operations: Hawkes Bay dental outreach  Exercises: Infantry working dogs, Exercise Venom  Sport: Cycling (28 pages). Army News - Issue 502
PDF, 3.81MB

Army News 501  April 2019

News: Chief of Army's message: "Agile of thought and action", 4th place at Australian Army Skills at Arms Meeting (AASAM), Supporting Christchurch, Vietnam veterans receive Australian gallantry award, Army engineers rebuild Waiho Bridge  People: Command Support Regiment, Looking back at the Army’s 174th birthday  Mission: New Zealand soldiers help in Malawi counter-poaching operation  Training: Exercise Steel Knight, Army fire fighters win combat challenge relay, Exercise Sangro, Exercise Maleme, Army Command School  Capability: The Army's new small boat fleet  Sport: Rowing, Handball, Endurance racing, Softball (28 pages). Army News - Issue 501
PDF, 4.36MB

Army News 500  March 2019

News: Network Enabled Army's (NEA) tactical comms network on its way, Health and Safety Award to NZDF, Review of Supply tech trade  People: International Women's Day  Training: Making medics, Reconnaissance patrol procedures, Reservists hone their urban skills, Aeromedical evacuation  Missions: A nursing officer in Iraq, An Army officer between two Koreas  History: Tom the warhorse  Sport: Netball, Rugby (28 pages). Army News - Issue 500
PDF, 3.85MB

Army News 499  February 2019

News: Walking for Wonderboy  Mission: Wakefield fires, Force Skills in Sinai  People: Brigadier (Rtd) Rick Ottaway obituary, Officer cadets graduate, Shooters blitz the field, Cambrian Patrol, The return to Timor: COL Martin Dransfield, Papakura Camp - what's in store, Warrant Officers' course, Reserves internship scheme  Capability: Weapon training in Texas, Puppy fostering  Sport: Ironman, Mountain bike inter-services, Cricket (28 pages). Army News - Issue 499
PDF, 3.71MB


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