Army News 2017 (issues 479 - 488)

Army News 488  November/December 2017

News: Soldier of the Year, NZDF Person of the Year  Exercises: Southern Katipo 2017, Antarctica, Talisman Sabre  Training: Emergency responders, Infantry Support Dogs Missions: A Reservist in Manawa  People: A stay-at-home dad, DIY Marae  History: WW1 mystery solved, El Alamein  Sport: Rugby League, Cycling (36 pages). Army News - Issue 488
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Army News 487  October 2017

News: Aid to Vanuatu, Health contribution honoured  Capability: New weapons for Snipers and Special Forces  People: Passchendaele remembered, Kiwi soldiers’ showcase skills in Abu Dhabi (world stage), Memorial wall honours fallen sappers, Army drivers to the rescue, Exemplary civilian, Top Reservist award, TRADOC awards  Exercises: Venom  Operations: Signals training in Afghanistan  Sport: Netball (28 pages). Army News - Issue 487
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Army News 486  September 2017

News: Reservist employer honoured, Working together with DOC  People: Distinguished Service, Decorations, Operationally focused Mission: A life-enhancing experience, Our troops in Iraq, Cadet Forces career option, Legal eagle at Talisman Saber  Capability: Using RPAS to gather detail, What is TESS? NZDF stages Southern Katipo 2017, NEA road to Southern Katipo 2017  History: One hundred years since, Passchendaele  Sport: Basketball, Defence Blacks win (28 pages). Army News - Issue 486
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Army News 485  August 2017

News: NZ Memorial Museum to be built in France, Our Future Force  People: Island experience hard but memorable, Change of attitude leads to rewards, Andrew VC honoured with plaque, Reuniting medals, Thoughts on Middle East peace  Training: Talisman Saber, 1NZSAS Regiment needs female operators, A win for our Linton emergency responders, Tongan Marines  Mission: From race to rescue  Sport: Hockey (28 pages) Army News - Issue 485
PDF, 3.90MB

Army News 484  July 2017

News: Army to the rescue in snowy Waiouru, Veterans’ Support Act under review  People: Defence community rally for Elijah, New soldiers march out, Former soldier Al Baker opens up, Army 2020: Enhanced Combat Capability
Exercises: Talisman Saber, Jasco Black  Operations: RAMSI comes to an end, South Sudan  Capability: Selecting a new sniper rifle  Sport: Crystal Mayes - our Black Fern, NZDF Sports Awards (28 pages) Army News - Issue 484
PDF, 4.00MB

Army News 483  June 2017

News: Iraq deployment update, Queen’s Birthday Honours  People: 1RNZIR Top Soldier, Driver of the Year, Career Management Boards, Reservist internships  Capability: Land Capability update, Future Land Operating Concept 2035 
Exercises: Amphib Ops Tested in Tri-Service Training (Joint Waka), Poseidon  Training: Commercial OTS war gaming, AASAM 17  Operations: NZDF Engineers role in Sinai Peacekeeping Mission  Sport: Ultra Trail running, Fight Night, League (28 pages) Army News - Issue 483
PDF, 4.04MB

Army News 482  May 2017

News: CDF commendations, Chief of Army on Camp Upgrades, Making a good idea reality People: Anzac Day coverage, Your Say, Linton Open Day, Fire-fighter Challenge  Missions: Iraq, Sudan  Training: MARS-L: our new weapons system  Sport: World Masters Games (28 pages) Army News - Issue 482
PDF, 4.03MB

Army News 481  April 2017

News: New weapons used in guard for first time, Check your life insurance, Nelson memorial unveiled, Army Innovation Challenge  Missions: Engineers in the Sinai, ANAOA, South Sudan Training: Army Shooting Competition, Evaluation Playtime, Skill at Arms Capability: MHOVS - all you need to know  History: The Moles of Arras  Sport: Cyclist Brett Grieve, Softball (28 pages) Army News - Issue 481
PDF, 5.74MB

Army News 480  March 2017

News: New SMA, Shooting results  People: SAS hero Steve Askin farewelled, Kiwi doctors in Taji, Profile: Army Band Director of Music Major Graham Hickman, Innovation - making good ideas solve problems, "Thank you for saving my country", Burnham Military Camp pers turn out as fires burn, Census 16 results, CA Forum Operations: Engineers showcase ice skills, Op Monitor  Sport: Marathons, Inter unit Touch (28 pages) Army News - Issue 480
PDF, 3.68MB

Army News 479  February 2017

News: Engineers to Sinai, Fighting fires, New weapons arrive  People: Major Gordon Benfell calls it a day, Military dads rise to challenge, Our newest officers graduate, Army career management  Missions: Kiwis in Iraq  History: The Battle of Sidi Rezegh  Sport: Army Cycling, Squash, Yachting, Yoga (28 pages) Army News - Issue 479
PDF, 5.65MB

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