Army News 2019 (issues 499 - 508)

Army News 508  November/December 2019

News: Chief of Army's message on Beers & Beards and Sergeant Major of the Army's message on 'Culture - driven by our behaviours', Soldier of the Year, ARMY25 Roadshow, International Cyber Skills Competition - victory for Kiwi soldiers  People: 161 Battery goes east, Chef LCPL Cottle shares inspiration, Defence Technology Agency (DTA) engineers use 3D technology for landmine training, Victor 2 veterans reunite, Taji troops return home  Training: Exercise Bersama Lima, Exercise Sari Bair, Exercise Hydra 19, Puma Remote Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) battlelab  Sport: Invictus Games, Boxing, NZDF sports awards (36 Pages)  Army News - Issue 508
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Army News 507  October 2019

News: Message from Deputy Chief of Army "Reputation and Relationships", Major General Williams to head Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), Army Innovation Challenge winners announced  Vision: ARMY25: Our Strategic Five-Year PlanARMY25 feature article  People: LT Penny Roy - Recruiting Ambassador, Top award for former Army nurse  Training: Preparing UN officers to deploy, 2nd 1st Battalion RNZIR - Skill at Arms, 1 RNZIR's top soldiers, Aumangea programme, Exercise Delta Patrol, Practising counter terrorism support  Looking back: Timor Leste anniversary marked  Sport: Softball (24 Pages)  Army News - Issue 507
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Army News 506  September 2019

People: Message from Warrant Officer (Joint Forces), Message from Chief of Army, DOC thanks the military for Operation Tidy Fox work, New Zealand Army Band wins at Edinburgh, Saving a friend’s life earns Major a commendation, Sergeant Aroha Maidens - Sinai Physical Training Instructor, Mental health awareness  Training: New MRAD Sniper Rifles in Action Exercise Cooperation Spirit, Aeromedical evacuation, Exercise Venom, Toque D'Or Competition, Exercise Tafakula  Operations: Op Monitor - South Korea, South Sudan  Sport: Rugby, Lone Pine Competition (24 Pages)  Army News - Issue 506
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Army News 505  August 2019

News: A message from Chief of Army, Youth Development Unit opens in Trentham  People: Reserve Transfer of Command, Military Police, Top Afghan work earns awards, Reducing our plastic footprint, Chief People Officer Liz Huckerby   Missions: South Sudan, Mali, Iraq, Fox River clean-up  Training: NZ Special Air Service (NZSAS) selection preparation, Exercise Hamel 19, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, The making of a Junior Non-Commissed Officer  Sport: Defence Ferns (Women's Rugby Team) (28 Pages)  Army News - Issue 505
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Army News 504  July 2019

News: A message from Chief of Army on Defence Capability Plan, Introducing Army’s new Sergeant Major of Army  Capability: ARMY25 A modern, agile, highly adaptive Light Combat Force the Army of today (High Resolution PDF) Project update, Protected mobility, GATR provides SATCOM, What the future holds  People: Working to protect Islamic places of worship, Army Recruit Course newest soldiers, Q&A – Captain Steve Bougen  Training: Snipers exercise in Tekapo, Exercise Green Diamond, 2/4 tested by Skill at Arms, SF teams up with Malaysian counterparts, Kiwi Sergeant Major praised by Australians  Sport: Sinai triathalon, Invictus Games team announced (28 Pages)  Army News - Issue 504
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Army News 503  June 2019

News: Land Component Commander's message for a resilient force, Uniform improvements, Combating lower limb injuries  Training: Soldiers training with the new Barrett rifles, Exercise Tropic Twilight, Exercise Jasco Black  People: Victor 4 Vietnam vets return to Burnham, Our newest recruits march out, LSV paves a different path, Operation Radian remembered  Sport: Rugby League, Softball, Touch World Cup. Army News - Issue 503
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Army News 502  May 2019

News: SAS soldier killed in training accident, Ninth rotation leaves for Iraq, Q&A – The Army Depot (TAD) instructor Corporal Renee Conlon-Rewiti  People: Anzac Day 2019 coverage, Australian Army Skills at Arms (AASAM) – outstanding results for Kiwis, 2LT Laura Bayfield builds a bridge, 2CSSB win Roy Smith Trophy, Young women inspired through Army recruit training programme  Capability: Working dogs’ new home opened  Operations: Hawkes Bay dental outreach  Exercises: Infantry working dogs, Exercise Venom  Sport: Cycling (28 pages). Army News - Issue 502
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Army News 501  April 2019

News: Chief of Army's message: "Agile of thought and action", 4th place at Australian Army Skills at Arms Meeting (AASAM), Supporting Christchurch, Vietnam veterans receive Australian gallantry award, Army engineers rebuild Waiho Bridge  People: Command Support Regiment, Looking back at the Army’s 174th birthday  Mission: New Zealand soldiers help in Malawi counter-poaching operation  Training: Exercise Steel Knight, Army fire fighters win combat challenge relay, Exercise Sangro, Exercise Maleme, Army Command School  Capability: The Army's new small boat fleet  Sport: Rowing, Handball, Endurance racing, Softball (28 pages). Army News - Issue 501
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Army News 500  March 2019

News: Network Enabled Army's (NEA) tactical comms network on its way, Health and Safety Award to NZDF, Review of Supply tech trade  People: International Women's Day  Training: Making medics, Reconnaissance patrol procedures, Reservists hone their urban skills, Aeromedical evacuation  Missions: A nursing officer in Iraq, An Army officer between two Koreas  History: Tom the warhorse  Sport: Netball, Rugby (28 pages). Army News - Issue 500
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Army News 499  February 2019

News: Walking for Wonderboy  Mission: Wakefield fires, Force Skills in Sinai  People: Brigadier (Rtd) Rick Ottaway obituary, Officer cadets graduate, Shooters blitz the field, Cambrian Patrol, The return to Timor: COL Martin Dransfield, Papakura Camp - what's in store, Warrant Officers' course, Reserves internship scheme  Capability: Weapon training in Texas, Puppy fostering  Sport: Ironman, Mountain bike inter-services, Cricket (28 pages). Army News - Issue 499
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